Some excellent Fellowship of the Ring DVD news

Some excellent Fellowship of the Ring DVD news – director Peter Jackson has said there will be a extended version of the film when it bows on DVD later this year.

And we’re not talking about 10 extra minutes of fluff – the running time of the Director’s Cut will apparently be in excess of 4 hours.  I hope that more scenes of Rivendell are among what’s included – I thought that was the lone part of the flick that seemed to be rather compressed.  Of course, my big fear is that New Line will release the film this year as a stand-alone, but then in 2004, after all the movies have had their theatrical runs, the studio will unleash upon the masses a super-deluxe special edition box set of all three.

But then again, DVD may have evolved into a high definition format by then, which would render my fears quite moot.

Men in Black 2 has been bitten by the September 11th terrorist-backlash bug – the original ending of the MIB sequel originally had the World Trade Center splitting open to reveal a UFO inside.  Sounds harmless enough to me – I mean, just because they aren’t there …